Friday, September 4, 2009

Me And The I.R.S.

My latest battle is with that corrupt & useless government agency know as the Internal Revenue Service. My taxes are a mess, since 2001, Since the 9-11 attacks I had been on the go with my Army National Guard, deploying & moving many times my paperwork became a mess. While at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I contacted the I.R.S. to get help sorting my taxes out. I got the rudest, most disrespectful bitch on the phone, telling me that being deployed to a combat zone & recovering in a Army Hospital is no excuse for being behind with my IRS paperwork & taxes. I have tried to get help w/ my taxes through the Veterans Administration, but they don't provide help with that. I know I can't call the I.R.S. because I saw the kind of to expect from them. I guess I will try & get help from my Congressman's or Senator's Veteran Liason, but it takes a long time to get through on the phone.

I suppose, I could draw all my money out of my banks(not that there is much left), take a leave of absense & go the homeless route for a while this way all they can go after is my Veterans disability checks. Just what I needed more stress piled on top of the mountain of stress that I am already under. Like Johnny Paycheck says "To Hell With The I.R.S. !!!