Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Test Blog - This is only a test, if it had been an actual...

Hello and welcome again to the Wounded Warrior Blog, just getting my feet wet here, I have never done any actual writing before, outside of college english courses, many, many moons ago. I am attempting to bring attention to the problems and issues facing many Wounded Warriors, returning from war, and finding the real fight has just begun. This is not a fight they should be fighting, they should be welcomed back and treated with respect and fairly compensated for their wounds and injuries. Some of these wounds can not be seen, such as PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury). Unfortunately, the U.S. Army is more concerned with saving money for "Beans & Bullets" and does everything possible to discredit these returning men & women, who have put their lives on the line to defend this great nation of ours. I will be telling many of these stories along with my own personal experiences, I will not be naming these brave men & women unless they ask me to include their names. I also want to say that this is not a bash of the medical professionals that daily strive to save lives and heal the returning Veterans, this is more on the administrative side, The MEB/PEB (Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board) of the US Army, a corrupt and inept system designed to frustrate, hamper and screw over the Wounded Warriors. This is just an intro blog, more to follow. "When you come up against trouble, it's never half as bad if you face up to it" John Wayne, A Great American


  1. KUDOS to you Patrick! Our Veterans should receive the very best in healthcare and whatever else they need! I did not serve, but am thankful to all of you who did.

  2. A perfect forward for that book i keep telling you to write! i love it so proud of you honey! your baby xxx

  3. My heart goes out to all who serve and live daily with the effects of war. Let me know what I can do to help your cause. My cause is to bring Veterans together and to stand together. I am a Navy Veteran and do love my Country. I write about alot of things, politics lately due to what is going on in the world. I am new at blogging myself. Check out my site http://veteranscircle.org, please and join my group if you like. Thank you for your service! Boats

  4. Patrick,
    Keep up the good fight. Just followed you per your request for .. well .. followers. Ha. Then followed link to this blog. Will watch it.

    Edward Traxler
    SFC Ret. US Army
    Vietnam, Desert Storm, OEF/OIF .. and all the places in between ..