Thursday, August 20, 2009

Help For PTSD Sufferers!

I have found some blogs & info concerning PTSD and healing, that I would like to share. I have not had time to read & digest all the information, but I decided to put it out there in the hopes, that it may help some of my fellow PTSD sufferers. This is my second attempt, I had a post almost completed, I accidently hit a button & wiped it out, really pissed me off, what is the use of having a save now button, when u can't go back to portion u saved? Sorry, got off track there, just had to vent!

The first blog is from Dr Cindee Grace, Naturopath. She has a free ebook dealing with PTSD & DID (Dissociative Identity Disorders) titled "Holistic Self-Care For Post Traumatic Stress & Dissociative Identity" You can download it free from following sites: - This is site I downloaded from.

Dr Cindee Grace, has given permission to download for free & distribute, so long as you download in entirety & do not attempt to make money off her work, you can download for free.

Another blog site I found was The blogger Michelle Rosenthal is a PTSD survivor, who says she is now healed and able to live a normal life. Michelle is on twitter @HealMyPTSD She has a PTSD workshop outlined in her blog, and a lot of good helpful posts. I have not had time to read them all yet, but I thought that I would share these to in the hope that it may help some of my brothers & sisters in arms out there suffering from PTSD.

I urge any of my readers or if you know of others suffering from PTSD to take advantage of this free information, & see if it will help you. Main thing is read with an open mind, a closed mind does not absorb, & may pass on something that may help. When I have had a chance to fully read & absorb, I will let you know how it has helped or not helped me. But, remember, everyone is different, what works for one person may not work for another & vice versa. I wish you all good luck in battling your PTSD, but remember there is help out there, u just have to find it. Never give up!


  1. Hello, I've just come across you on Twitter and as PTSD is a subject of special interest to me i've checked out your blog too. Some really useful information here, thanks. I'm a massage therapist working in London and my clients have found massage to be really helpful in managing the symptoms of their PTSD. In particular, people who have developed touch aversion as a result of their traumatic experience have found it helpful in defining their own personal space boundaries and in learning how to accept positive, consensual touch again. Look forward to reading your posts. Best wishes, Kimberley

  2. The nonprofit PAIRS Foundation is offering a series of free 90-minute online classes this month to help returning combat veterans and family members impacted by PTSD.