Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Fight - Will I Join The Homeless?

I have been fighting to keep my job with Coca-Cola Enterprises, unfortunately it looks like I am about to lose this fight. Unum (Life Insurance Company Of America, Leave Management Services) which handles Coca-Cola Enterprises Family & Medical Leaves, has decided to harass me with constant requests for more paperwork, rather than contact my doctor for confirmation, and are refusing my Family Medical Leave, due to my PTSD & Combat Stress, which has added more stress to my already bad psychological condition. Causing more chest pains, panic attacks & nightmares to what I already suffer from. I have been unable to make it to VA Hospital to get refills, & the VA will not renew by phone, I have been out of my Psych meds for a couple of months which makes things even worse, & harder to leave my apartment. I have been using some old pills from 2005, which are expired but they don't seem to help much. My pain meds are almost ou & my heart meds are running low. I can't wake up during daylight hours to get in to VA Hospital, or to contact my Senator or Congressman for help.

If I lose my job with Coca-Cola Enterprises, I figure I have to about October or November before I move out onto the street. I will not burden any of my friends or family, I have plenty of training, & can survive in the wild. Main worry is what do I do, with all my stuff. I will have to find a way to disconnect the GPS system on my Jeep so it can't be tracked, don't need a repoman tracking me down. I have sleeping bags, a cot, & shelter halves, I can make myself a nice little
hooch & live off the land. These are just contingency thoughts, for if I do lose my job. I am still fighting so the battle is not yet lost.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to get up early & contact Senator Gillibrand's Office & try and get her assistance in dealing with Unum. Also I need to try & contact the Veterans Representative in Hauppauge, & try to get some assistance. This is really frustrating, before I went to War I was super reliable, worked long hours, little sleep, now all I do is sleep & miss work. The largest growing group of homeless are OIF/OEF Veterans. I guess we can thank the U.S. Army for not
taking care of there own!

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  1. SgtMac, Grab a root & growl. Go to the quiet spot within, know you have prayers 24/7 for God to wrap His Grace around you. Please do not feel yourself a 'burden' to family & friends! That's what family & friends are for!! Not just in the warm & fuzzy times, but more in the 'cold & prickly' times! Truly, we owe you guys (& gals), our Heroes, our defenders, a debt of love, respect & CARE!
    Please call out, and when you cannot, ASK one of your Care-partners to call out for you. Til we all are blue in the face, we must get more direct, 'in your face', 'hand on shoulder' help for you and the rest coming back!!
    May God grant you the strength, the tenacity, the determination to get thru this. And may the love & concern of your fellowman rise to steady you over the bumpy road to your goals.
    You can do this, and you do not do it alone.
    Today is my granddaughter's 19th birthday! I want to feel that one day you'll be celebrating a granddaughter's birthday!! Will be sending you loving, strengthening thoughts & prayers all day today. In spirit, you are a son/brother of our country's huge family, and in Spirit, you are royalty, a son of God. Stand firm, Soldier, demand your due, and when, shaky/ when pain becomes bigger than you, call on us, Please, SgtMac. Respectfully in your corner!! flo